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Larry O from the D (Otherwise known as Larry Nelson) was born and raised in Detroit during the 80s. He grew up with music around him and had a strong passion for freestyling , rap songs and singing.

 In 2010 his passion led him to begin a journey recording his own music and in 2011 he released his first mixtape Featuring O-Dub. Titled ‘2 Guns’. 


In 2015 Larry O released his second mixtape ‘My Life My Way”.  Shortly after in 2018 he followed through with a mixtape ‘ My Life Way Vol 2. That year he also performed at Lucky Seven, North Carolina, USA


In September 2017 Larry O launched a live  online show ’Global Freestyle Friday’s’. which comes on every week direct from the USA. Artists come on the show to perform music and fans join in the conversation whilst enjoying quality underground music. 

This has proved to be successful for Larry O by attracting support and recognition from sponsors, radio stations, artists, producers, fans and friends.


In 2017 Larry O also released his first single ‘Too Real’. He is now currently working on his first album and a Mixtape. 


Larry O also spent 6 years singing in a choir in  Detroit where he was also labeled one of the top high school vocalists. Larry O’s passion for singing is still strong and he occasionally works on projects that focus purely on that alone.


In 2018 Larry O from the D will continue to host and present Global Freestyle Friday’s weekly whilst  continuing work on an album and a mixtape. He has shows lined up in the USA, UK  and also an up and coming tour in Melbourne Australia.


When asked what inspires him when writing or making music. He replied that -He just has to hear the the beat or music and he is inspired to write about the life  his been through.